If you watch any late night shows you’ll find a lot of ‘team ghostwriting’. They all start with the host walking out to the audience and then saying a couple jokes about the weeks current events. This usually lasts 5 or 10 minutes. Take Conan for example. When Conan comes out and does his monologue, everyone knows he didn’t write the jokes that he’s saying. Both the in-studio audience and the people watching on T.V. understand this but don’t really care. They watch his show anyway. They come for the jokes and they don’t care if the person telling them the jokes didn’t write them on their own. Conan of course has a team of writers working for his show and his show couldn’t work any other way. If Conan had to write all the jokes for his show there is no way he could do that much work every day. Also if Conan had 1 writer instead of a team of writers, the show wouldn’t be able to stay afloat. The ‘team writing’ is the only way the Conan show is possible, along with all the other late night shows and there are a lot of similarities between this and the Hip Hop industry, specifically with ‘team writing’.


In Hip Hop it’s frowned upon to use writers but imagine if TV shows had that same mentality. Imagine if Jimmy Fallon’s show decided they were going to go without writers and have Jimmy do everything, after all it is his show. There would be no way his show could compete with all the other late night shows like Conan or Kimmel and in a month or two they’d go out of business. Now while they are going out of business they could complain about how the other late night hosts aren’t being ‘real’ and hope they too go the ‘no writer’ route but that would be a waste of time because it doesn’t change the fact that won’t ever happen and they’re going out of business. Similarly it’s a waste of time for artists to complain about other artists having writers because it doesn’t change the fact those artists are putting them out of business and obviously won’t go back to having no writers.

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