Rap Ghostwriter. Although I don’t agree with the term, that is technically what I do. I might be a little biased on the topic, but yes, I think ghostwriters are definitely good for Hip Hop. For me, it all comes down to the music. What would the quality of music be without ghostwriters in Hip Hop? What would the quality of music be with ghostwriters in Hip Hop? If including ghostwriters in the mix makes for better music, even just slightly better music, I feel the conversation is over. Clearly then ghostwriters are good for Hip Hop.

I really think it’s that simple. Some of my fellow PW Writers take issue with me on this because they tend to look at it with a bit more nuance. I just can’t get around the idea of diminishing the quality of music to satisfy some vague misplaced standard outlining what Hip Hop should be. If you’re going to defend the idea that ghostwriters aren’t good for Hip Hop then that’s what you’d have to do. You’d have to say it’s worth lowering the overall musical caliber of Hip Hop, to ensure that each lyric was directly written by the singer/artist. Either that, or you’d have to argue ghostwriters don’t make the music better. Both of these arguments seem like non-sense to me.

I think the beauty of Hip Hop is in its accepting nature and diversity. That’s its strength. That’s why in just 30-40 years it’s swarmed over this whole planet, bypassing widely different cultures, languages, countries and whole continents.

Hip Hop isn’t what it was 10 years ago and it’s not going to be what it currently is, 10 years from now. I think you have to embrace change. Flow with the current instead of fighting it. Rap ghostwriters, a lot like piracy, aren’t going away and we make Hip Hop stronger with better music so just embrace us, I say.

-PW Writer 1

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  1. Julius Reply

    Yeah that is frustrating how people think the artists on the radio are the best Hip Hop has to offer. I’ve never really ghostwriting argued like PW 1 did though, and on the website to. It said something like “whoever said artists shouldn’t have to use their own beats?” which makes a lot of sense to me because its the exact same thing with the lyrics. I mean if everything was truly authentic then artists would have to make and use their own beats. Then that would be another category in which you judge the skill of the artist. One artist may have awesome lyrics and flow but the music isn’t that great because he can’t make beats for shit. All of this Hip Hop has completely ignored and no one cares if the artist doesn’t use his own beats.

  2. Andre Reply

    I definitely agree that acceptance and diversity is Hip Hop’s strength. I mean no other genre is like it. No other genre is as authentic and genuine. I just wish everyone outside of the Hip Hop culture didn’t view it only as the commercialized ‘swag’ movement type shit. You’d be surprised by how many people think the winners at the VMA’s or MTV awards represent Hip Hop, or are the most talented Hip Hop artists.

    • admin Reply

      No I completely understand what you’re talking about. Tons of people view Hip Hop through the lens of like Mtv and whoever won a Grammy recently. I actually don’t mind the ‘swag’ movement that much, just as long as it’s not the entire substance of the artist. Kind of like the ‘weed’ movement. I have no problems with artists who rap about weed, it’s a completely legitimate thing to talk about. But it’s just when it becomes the artist. Like they have 20 songs on an album, and 19 are related to weed. It gets a little boring.

      -PW Writer 1

      • Julius Reply

        Yeah originality I think is very important. I just heard ‘Wings’ by Macklemore. Great song, not just because of the lyrics but because its an original song concept. I’m just looking at Billboard right now, and Kanye’s Clique is number 2. They’re a million songs just like that, but I can’t find any like ‘wings’. I like Kanye but not his recent stuff. Mac Miller too, weed taken to the extreme, like thats all the kid raps about.

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